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Terms Of Use

Post by respwned.com » February 8th, 2011, 12:18 am

The Moderation Team
Moderators and admins of the forum perform forum-related tasks, assist members, and moderate content. They are empowered to make decisions and appropriate judgement calls as to what does and does not fall into the below categories and take any necessary action based on these guidelines

Administrator – The maintainer of this forum/server responsible for the technical side of keeping things running. The administrator also reserves the right to remove or modify the privileges of any member, remove/edit posts and threads and any other actions necessary to ensure the community operates safely and securely.

Moderators – There is also a team of moderators working on the forum. Members of the Moderation Team are volunteers and have been selected by the administrator/community over time.

The Rules
The below guidelines explain what behaviour is expected of you and what behaviour you should expect from other community members. These guidelines apply to, but are not limited to: Posts, Messages, Images and Videos, collectively named “Posts”. In a bid to ensure a relaxed and fun environment for all users, these guidelines fall into two categories;

> actions that will not be tolerated under any circumstance and
> actions that will result in a warning which will be followed by a ban for multiple offences.

If you spot a post you feel requires the attention of a Moderator, you are encouraged to report it using the “Report Post” button at the top right of each post. The Moderation team will endeavour to respond to all reported posts expeditiously.

Post Rules
It is requested that all posts and discussions are written in a constructive manner, are related to the subject matter and takes into consideration opinions and feelings of other members. Repeated failure to post constructively and constant disruptive comments will be viewed in a dim light and may invite action from a moderator or admin.

As this is an English language forum, majority of a post body should consist of English, and posts made in a language other than English will be moderated accordingly.

As a courtesy to author(s) and/or site(s) of news articles quoted we are kindly asking you to provide a source reference(s) and/or link(s).

Actions resulting in a Warning
Participating in any of the actions listed below will result in one warning before infractions are awarded. We maintain a three strike policy. On third strike a user will have their account permanently banned from use on the forum with no chance for appeal.

1. Swearing and Vulgarity – This is a mature community, coarse language is generally not a problem, however this should never be personally aimed at individuals. Common sense is key here; if you feel your comments/posts/images/links may upset other people, DON'T post it.

Note: Post titles and PM's are subject to the same restrictions as post content, especially when aimed at others. This is not acceptable.

2. Flaming, Harassing - This includes any kind of personal attack, naming and shaming, flaming and flame -baiting, targetted harassment or intimidation either by posts or private messages. If you have concerns, don’t respond in kind; report the posts or messages and contact a member of the Moderation Team.

3. Spamming - Spamming includes excessive bumping, creating posts with the sole purpose of linking to another post, excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish, repeatedly posting on the same topic in different places, 'in before the lock' posts. Remember, the edit button is your friend. We have a liberal approach towards fun/light-hearted in-context spamming, however out of context spamming is not appreciated.

4. Advertising – Advertising pay-to-play gaming sites, products or items for sale, referral links and advert links or images in forum signatures are not permitted. However, advertising free gaming fan sites and free-to-enter league sites is permitted. If unsure, please check before posting.

5. Language – Text and Leet speak are not encouraged on these forums. We ask that all posts are made in readable and comprehensible English.

6. Warnings - It is not appropriate to post about any warnings given to yourself or others on the forum and any threads made for this purpose will be closed. Please be aware abuse of the “Report Post” system will be subject to the same measures as abuse of any other system in place on this site.

Actions with Zero-Tolerance
Participating in any of the following actions will result in immediate removal from the forum (account banning), without chance for appeal or removal of the associated ban.

1. Religions, National Hatred, etc - Posts that negatively portray religions, hatred against sexual orientation or promote national hatred, either clear and/or masked and/or links to websites containing this type of language. Posts that stereotype on country, race, sexual orientation or religion are unacceptable. Images, quotes, posts, avatars or signatures that are clearly posted to provoke will be removed.

2. Multiple accounts with intent to mislead - Each user is permitted one account only. Those who continue to make additional accounts to get around a ban or to pose as different members will have all accounts closed.

3. Commercial spam - Commercial spam for products of any kind is unacceptable. We do however have a very liberal policy towards fun "spammage".

Other Rules
1. Distribution of Personal Information - You may add email and IM addresses to your public profiles, however, for your safety, do not post personal information including contact numbers addresses and the like - yours or others - on any part of the forum.

2. Personal Messages - PMs are subject to the same moderation as the rest of the site, and sending offensive personal messages to someone will be subject to the same sanctions as posts. If you wish to report a PM, please message to any member of the Moderation Team with details of the username of the person you are reporting.

3. Age limitations - You must be at least 18 years old in order to post on the forums. You do not necessarily have to behave like it all the time, as long as it is in good fun!

4. Forum Usernames – Forum usernames are to be made in in compliance with the guidelines for posting, so do not create anything that would be considered to fit in the zero-tolerance category.

5. Removal of Disruptive Users - The Administrator reserves the right to remove users from the forum without warning if they are judged to be disruptive, negative towards other users or not positively contributing to the community.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in your posts getting curated, locked or removed, and may get your access privilege temporarily or permanently removed.

Community Guidelines are subject to change and evolve without notice.


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